Piece of Cake New Tab & Search

It’s a piece of cake! Piece of Cake is a vibrant and interactive new tab, searching has never been so delicious. Just click on the search icon to start searching the web. Piece of Cake is your friend.

The search features within the extension will be provided by Microsoft Bing. However, the extension will not make any changes in your default browser search setting.
Free stock media content is distributed by Unsplash – https://unsplash.com

Predictive Search and Autocomplete

Searching the web just got easier! Piece of Cake New Tab & Search can predict what you’re looking for, complete it with easy and fast auto-complete. Just start typing and save time.

Redefining your New Tab

Find yourself coming back to your New Tab page too often? Piece of Cake New Tab & Search Extension gives you a beautiful background that is fun and interesting to look at.

We'll save you some clicks

We’ve made it easier for you to do the things you love. The Piece of Cake extension connects you to your most visited and loved websites in one click.


They're not bears, they're gummy!

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